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Date: 03-Sep-2022 10:00 AM

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Address: Rosemary Douglas EventsStockport Masonic Guildhall169 Wellington Road South Opposite Stockport CollegeParking At The Rear, SK1 3UA, United Kingdom
Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Attunement - 2 Day Workshop
Date: 17-Sep-2022 9:45 AM

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Address: We Are Wellness 2 North Hill Road Headingley, Leeds , LS6 2EN, United Kingdom
Healing, Transformation & Manifestation Retreat, Afan Valley, South Wales
Date: 26-Aug-2022 7:00 PM

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WINCHESTER - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
Date: 01-Sep-2022 7:30 PM

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FAREHAM - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
Date: 02-Sep-2022 7:45 PM

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Festival Of Wellness Mind Body Spirit & Art & Craft Event
Date: 03-Sep-2022 10:00 AM

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SOUTHAMPTON - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
Date: 04-Sep-2022 7:45 PM

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BATH - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
Date: 07-Sep-2022 7:15 PM

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FROME - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
Date: 08-Sep-2022 7:45 PM

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SWINDON - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
Date: 09-Sep-2022 6:45 PM

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Hypnosis Training Course
Date: 14-Sep-2022 9:00 AM

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in Good Spirit - Psychic and Holistic Fair
Date: 25-Sep-2022 10:00 AM

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Winchester Sacred City Ley Line Tour
Date: 15-Oct-2022 11:00 AM

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Learn Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism in Blackpool
Date: 16-Feb-2023 2:30 PM

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Tiffany Crosara

By:Tiffany Crosara
Date: Sat,29 Sep 2012
Submitter:Tiffany Crosara

Tiffany Crosara is one of the UK's top Psychic Tarot Readers working for the world famous Mysteries in Covent Garden.

Also named as one of the UK's best Psychic and Tarot Teachers by Prediction Magazine and My Spirit Radio, and one of the world’s best Tarot Teachers and Authors according to The UK Tarot Conference.

Tiffany’s first book "The Transformational Truth of Tarot" has just been published (August 2012). You can bag yourself a signed copy from her website

Tiffany is speaking at The UK Tarot Conference this October - along with Rachel Pollack and Juliet Sharman –Burke.

Later on in the same month she will be talking, reading and book signing at The Riveria Tarot Conference, along with Sasha Fenton, Emily Carding and John Matthews.

Tiffany is passionate about blazing through the misunderstandings that have shrouded the ancient art of Tarot for so long. Her experience taught her that by doing so, transformation of the human consciousness occurs at an all-empowering level. Its 2012 baby - time to wake up...

Tiffany Crosara
Author of The Transformational Truth of Tarot order your signed copy @

Join the group for free Tarot inspiration at

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For Twitter: transcendenttif

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Tiffany Crosara is one of the UK's top Psychic Tarot Readers working for the world famous Mysteries in Covent Garden. Also named as one of the UK's best Psychic and Tarot Teachers by Prediction Ma...Read More
Sat,29 Sep 2012
Hi all! Just to say all this fast washing energy towards 21.12 has me racing through the months! I say October in Scorpio's month - really it's November! However Scorpio is activated in October - I al...Read More
Tue,25 Sep 2012
My name is Tiffany Crosara – which means “Epiphany from The Christian Faith” and I am a Tarot Reader! I am sure some christian’s will be turning in their grave at the supposed irony of my name. I say ...Read More
Mon,17 Sep 2012
A little review for you half way through the month, hope you find it helpful. There are a few more awesome titbits below :) Happy September! Tiffany Crosara's book "The Transformational Truth of ...Read More
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HARVEST MOON – by Robert Burns- It was on a Lammas night, When corn rigs are bonie, Beneath the moon’s unclouded light, I held away to Annie: The time flew by, wi tentless heed, Till ‘tween...Read More
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