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Date: 03-Sep-2022 10:00 AM

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Address: Rosemary Douglas EventsStockport Masonic Guildhall169 Wellington Road South Opposite Stockport CollegeParking At The Rear, SK1 3UA, United Kingdom
Pellowah Level 1 & 2 Attunement - 2 Day Workshop
Date: 17-Sep-2022 9:45 AM

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Healing, Transformation & Manifestation Retreat, Afan Valley, South Wales
Date: 26-Aug-2022 7:00 PM

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WINCHESTER - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
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SOUTHAMPTON - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
Date: 04-Sep-2022 7:45 PM

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Date: 07-Sep-2022 7:15 PM

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FROME - Wellness & Wellbeing - Sound Meditation Evening
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Hypnosis Training Course
Date: 14-Sep-2022 9:00 AM

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in Good Spirit - Psychic and Holistic Fair
Date: 25-Sep-2022 10:00 AM

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Winchester Sacred City Ley Line Tour
Date: 15-Oct-2022 11:00 AM

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Learn Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism in Blackpool
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Chrissie Batten

By:Chrissie Batten
Date: Fri,28 Sep 2012
Submitter:Chrissie Batten

When we reach crisis point - which can occur at any age and present as depression, addiction or other dysfunctional behaviour, fear thoughts and feelings question our worthiness, the ability to give and receive love, and to become successful. Which in turn can lead to a point in life where we know something has to alter, but we don't know what, or how to change! So we become lost in our humanity, where fear and vulnerability evokes the search for something or someone to teach us how to do things better, to recognise universal clues!

When I needed metaphysical help many years ago, there was no one around who understood my psychological and spiritual needs, who could guide me as I teetered on the thin line between sanity and insanity. It was agony for a long time, but my own lack of support was the determinant to my career development, which ensured I trained in areas that I could use to enable other individuals to see their personal truth, worthiness and real power. This is the service I now offer to others!

I understand life, emotions and the pain of the human mind and heart - not just because I've read about it, but because of my own painful experiences that I have grown through! I also understand the world of spirit and the evolving world we live in, not as a psychic medium who tells fortunes, or someone who preaches religion. But as someone who helps others understand why their pain is urging them to make life changes, and can support them through their necessary growth hurdles.

My professional qualifications include Doctorate in Metaphysical Counselling, Advance Diploma in Integrative Counselling (AEB.CSCT), and Diploma in Eating Disorders(NCED). I am also a Reiki Master Teacher (Usui) and EFT Practitioner, and author of Mentality - How Changing Your Mind Can Change Your Life and The World!, a book that helps the reader understand why they feel as they do, and is especially helpful for adolescents. My latest publication is a beautiful set of guidance cards, Insight Pocket Cards, which contain just some of the messages of hope and encouragement I've received from my spirit guides, over the last twenty years, that I hope will console the user as much as they did me!

More details can be found on my website...

Mentality – How Changing Your Mind Can Change Your Life and The World! - ISBN 9780956253200 -£10.99

Insight Pocket Cards – ISBN 9780956253217-£14.99

Available from:
Waterstones, Amazon, Feathering Your Nest-Rayleigh, The Book Inn-Leigh Broadway.

You can also follow my BlogHere

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Alana said:

Website not up. However, I will find your book. I am exactly at this very crossroad you beautifully address.
Thank you for sharing your personal experiences to help others.
Sat,27 Aug 2016,19:10:42 GMT
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