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An Open Letter To Aries For July 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Thu,01 Jul 2021
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter To Aries For July 2021

Dear Aries,

How are you coping, my friend? This pandemic is dragging on and on. But let's look on the bright side: things are going in the right direction, and even the most insular of thinkers must begin to accept that humanity is nothing less than one huge dysfunctional family. Let's reflect on how easily this potentially deadly virus spread around the world. Distance was no obstacle. Neither were oceans; political affiliations; geographical borders or mountain ranges. Being human made you a target. And the virus took full advantage of that. Alas, for the world, love and compassion are not so infectious. There would be more hope for the poor and disadvantaged if it were so. Nevertheless, I remain an optimist. Consequently, I chose to believe that — given the right political leadership (compassionate, caring, tolerant and peace-loving) the World might come out of this horrendous situation better than it went in.

Speaking of leadership, how are you doing? Aries are born leaders. I know many of you would deny such a bold assertion. Yes, there are numerous Aries born who want to plough a lonely furrow; avoid all power and responsibility — and in extreme instances — live a reclusive life, untouched, hidden safely away from the rest of humanity in a protective bubble of isolation and solitude.

My heart goes out to you. Why? For one simple reason; the majority of you who feel this way have one thing in common: you were hurt, traumatized, shunned, over-rebuked or belittled when you were younger. These unwarranted attacks on your self-esteem occurred at a time when you were extremely vulnerable, naive and less capable of fighting back. Instead of receiving love and affection, you were exploited, intimidated and emotionally abused. Consequently, it is understandable that you feel as you do. Don't blame yourself. The world has punished you enough; please don't add to your own misery.

Furthermore, I hope you get the love, support and healing encouragement you need to restore your self-confidence and rebuild your self-esteem. Without a doubt, it's time to close the door on your painful past and turn your back on heart-ache. The harm inflicted upon you was an injustice. You are free of guilt. You are totally innocent. Consequently, you need to move on and distance yourself from these unpleasant memories. So, without further delay, let's look to the stars in an attempt to discern what the future may hold for you.

Week One:
Spiritually rich Aries will find comfort in the secluded and private practice of their religion. Away from prying eyes and mocking tongues, you will find consolation, reassurance, and solace. Your fears will evaporate, and your vitality will be renewed. Your “Tomorrows” will be filled with promise and your “Yesterdays” will be reviewed with a new clarity which puts everything into a new perspective. You will come to see that the cross you carried in obedient silence was indeed worth the sacrifice. Every part of the jigsaw will fall into its appropriate place. “All's well that ends well”. You will start to feel at peace with your situation.

Happily, main stream Aries will find your extended family introduces comfort and meaning into your week. You get an opportunity to give the lead in some way or demonstrate your special gifts to an appreciative audience. Each one of you reading this letter is a unique individual. Consequently, the above sentence will manifest itself in your life in a finely attuned — nuanced — way tailored to meet your specific needs for Soul-growth. Remember, we are all Pilgrims, put here on this planet to learn a lesson and in some — perhaps obscure way — you make significant progress.

Changing tack from metaphysical and theological speculations to overtly physical considerations: many sporty and athletic Aries are hands-down winners in some way. Furthermore, when it comes to affairs of the heart, I expect you to win the love of your life; discover the recipe for success in your current relationship, or, experience some other resounding success and achievement that means the world to you. All in all, it's looking good.

Week Two:
Government imposed restrictions continue to impact upon your plans for the future. However, a few of my Aries friends will grasp the nettle and do something exceptionally praiseworthy for the public good. Love and romance go hand in hand with your group activities and personal interests. Furthermore, I expect you will find some way to influence important people and set the ball rolling in some pet project.

Home and family matters remain close to your heart. Nevertheless, I suspect that many of you have foregone a lot of pleasure activities and sacrificed much personal freedom in order to do the “right thing” for your parents or other dependants. Once again, you will divert your attention from your own creative actives in order to amuse family members of all ages. You are a responsible and honourable person. It appears to me that you often put the needs of other before your own. However, Uranus the Awakener's influence is beginning to modify your way of thinking, and you will probably start to assert your independence more. Yes, you are going to start keeping a little free time all to yourself. What's more, you will use it wisely. You are very loving, but you are no fool. This week marks some kind of change for the better. Perhaps the penny drops, and you finally begin to realize that you have rights as well as responsibilities. Love is a two-way street: it's not all about just giving!

In some strange and exciting way, love, sex and sport combine to bring pleasure into your life. Many of you will immediately know how to join up the dots in a way currently inconceivable to me. All I can say is, “enjoy yourself” (but stay safe). A bit of fun and excitement is long overdue. Indeed, it's all you need to blow the cobwebs away!

For those Aries with plans to enhance their standing in the community, Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, has some unseen plans tucked up his sleeve. Things are happening out of sight and out of mind, and good fortune is about to boost your accomplishments in some way. Dancers, writers, poets, and painters all seem set to taste some kind of success. Meanwhile, enthusiasts of YouTube might strike it rich with their own content. On the whole, your love of social media will reap many rewards, as you will discover when the whole world streams into your private living space.

Family focused Aries will continue to put their heart and souls into everything to do with domestic life. In fact, you continue to store up happy memories by sharing your time with both the young and “young at heart”. Things are looking better after all. Happily, you continue to tick all the boxes in your wish-list. Home is where the heart is. Home is where you are happiest.

Week Three:
Workaholic Aries need to strive for a better Career-Home balance. Invest more time and effort in explaining your emotions and feelings to other family members, especially your partner. Some Aries adopt a very confrontational stance when engaging in inter-family negotiations. Indeed, some don't negotiate at all. With some Aries, it's my way or the highway. This attitude stores up resentment and ill feelings, which can fester for years, perhaps even decades. So, try to be more conciliatory and flexible because it will be to your advantage in the long run. In short: just lighten up a little and strive to be happy. All in all, most things go to your way. Consequently, try to have some fun; enjoy your week and continue to count your blessings.

Week Four:
Some Aries will receive good news regarding the funding of a relative currently living in a care home, or, experience a long anticipated visit. Meanwhile, others may reluctantly plan a journey to a solicitor to discuss matters of financial nature.

Those Aries who come from a large family — widely dispersed around the UK or even the world — might be on the receiving end of a delightful invitation or even a surprise visit. There will be the usual friendly banter, however, a minority of you may have reason to be suspicious of your sibling's true motives. Do you detect an all pervasive air of intrigue, or, hints of a future power struggle beginning to reveal itself? Tread carefully if this is the case.

However, I want to emphasize that most Aries will have an enjoyable week characterized by merry meetings and rewarding experiences. Indeed, both the Lesser and Greater Benifics share their energy with the Sun. Therefore, I hope that a number of my Aries readers may have something very special to celebrate, providing their Natal Horoscope concur. Well, I think that's about it for this letter. Please continue to take care of yourselves while striving to enjoy life to the full. Bye for now, and “God Bless and protect”.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Doleman: Astrologer

PS. All dates are approximations.
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